Doubting that the commercial service of Google Maps is anti-competitive, the German antitrust regulator has launched an investigation into the Maps platform.

In a press release, the German Federal Cartel Office said Google Maps terms for those who’re using it for providing other services aren’t competitive enough, triggering them to start an investigation. Also, the office is also suspicious about the Android Automotive Services framework, a common OS used in cars.

Anti-Competitive Practises in Google Maps

Citing various reasons, several countries worldwide are targeting US tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. This week, the German antitrust regulator – Federal Cartel Office, said it had launched an investigation against Google Maps, citing its terms for business uses by other firms.

The office specially stated that the terms of Google Maps business service hinder those who use the platform from combining it with other mapping tools – which seemed anti-competitive. Thus, it will start asking customers and competitors about their experiences in the next few weeks as a part of the investigation.

Further, the office is also Investigating the Android Automotive Services framework – Google’s OS for cars, which is alleged to be limiting services car manufacturers can use.

And a similar case was launched against Google’s News Showcase snippets, too, saying that the service set apart certain articles from others due to a collaboration with select publications! Also, some terms regarding the data processing too concern the office.

More details on this will be coming soon when the office shares its progress. Aside from this, the German antitrust regulator is also targeting Meta, Apple, and Amazon with similar cases, cracking them down on various potential anti-competitive practices.

It’s not just the german office, but US itself too is cracking down on Google for similar reasons against the Maps and Android Automotive Services framework.


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