One of the most anticipated hardware – the PCIe 5.0 SSDs may finally come to the public soon, as Gigabyte listed them on Amazon and Newegg stores.

Though the listings state products are “out of stock”, we expect them to appear soon. Regarding the pricing, Gigabyte listed the Gen 5 Aorus 10000 2TB for $340, which offers 10GB/s read speed. Although, you should have compatible hardware to experience its full potential.

Gen 5 SSDs Are Finally Coming

While most PC fans fight over chips and GPUs, the whole community agrees that SSDs play an even more important role than anything else in certain cases. They’re equally respected and wanted by anyone who wants to see the speedy processing of data.

In this pursuit, we’re waiting eagerly for the next generation SSDs; PCIe 5.0 SSDs – which were teased years ago. Well, their delay is reasoned by various factors like supply chain issues and production halts triggered by COVID-19, just like other products in the industry.

As they deem to settle now, we’re seeing Gigabyte listing its Gen 5 SSDs on Amazon and Newegg for the first time! As noted by VideoCardz, the Newegg listing of Gen 5 Gigabyte Aorus 10000 2TB is priced at $340, while the Gen4 7000s 2TB has been marked down to $282. This makes the new storage devices more tempting, especially if you don’t mind bumping up your budget.

Well, if you’re looking for a Gen 4 SSD, we suggest you hold for a bit longer to see the considerable price drop in the future. And if you are eager to Gen 5, be prepared to pay $340 – which is worth it considering their 10GB/s top read speed and 9.5GB sequential write speeds.

Though their listings on Amazon and Newegg say the product is out of stock, we might soon see them popping up for buying. Stay tuned.


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