GoDaddy, the largest domain seller has just reported a security breach in its servers and informed the potential customers via an email. As ZDNet reported, GoDaddy says that a subset of their servers was breached back in October, by an individual who may have viewed and exfiltrated data regarding SSH accounts of customers, but there’s no evidence of adding or modifying content. GoDaddy has reset the passwords and providing customers with one-year special monitoring assistance as a help.

The Limited Breach!

GoDaddy Reports a Data Breach Into Customers SSH Accounts
GoDaddy Reports a Data Breach Into Customers SSH Accounts

It’s pretty common that attackers breach into tech companies servers for sensitive data, and steal it for blackmailing or further exploitation. But there are cases with limited impact, as happened with GoDaddy. The well-known company is for its domain registrations and web hosting, as it makes millions of dollars from such services from its near 20 million user base.

And today, GoDaddy reported to its customers of a limited security breach happening in October last year, where an unauthorized individual was said to have accessed SSH accounts of many customers. This Secure Shell function can potentially let him execute commands on remote devices, but GoDaddy says it limited the control by banning the breached immediately.

Precautions and Perks

In the informing letter it said, there’s no evidence that any files were added or modified on customers’ accounts, but they could’ve been viewed or exfiltrated. Further, the breacher has limited access to only SSH accounts, and the customer’s original account was not accessed. But as a precaution, the company says it has reset passwords and asks customers to regain their control over their accounts.

Alongside, GoDaddy is also giving a free one-year subscription of its Website Security Deluxe and Express Malware Remover as complementary, to soothe affected customers. These services will regularly scan for any vulnerabilities and alert the owner of the same if found. And these customers can have a special way to contact the support team for help.


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