Google has been periodically polishing all its apps. The recent changes in Gmail are worth noting, as the email service has added multiple signature support. This will now allow users to create multiple signatures and use them accordingly. The feature is rolled out to a few for now and is planned to show up for all soon.

Google Adds Support For Multiple Signatures in Gmail
Google Adds Support For Multiple Signatures in Gmail (Image via Flickr)

Different Signatures for Different Situations

Signatures in emails are more like a cherry on the top. These can be a name, logo (image), contact info or even a quote. If not serving as the purpose of authenticity, they tend to give a clue about the sender’s ideologies (by quotes) or identity (by name or logo). This is now taken to the next level by Google, which added support for using different signatures based on purpose.

Multiple signatures feature while composing an email

Google’s Gmail will now let you add multiple signatures and send them accordingly. Various situations as communication across organizations with specialized teams, communicating across different languages, etc. Now users can add different default signatures for new emails, replies and more.

Setting up new signatures

You can find and utilize this new feature from Settings > General > Signature > Create New. You can add multiple signatures and these will show up when you’re writing an email and before sending it. Similarly, you can delete any unwanted signatures from the list by the same process too. You’d find the Delete option for every specific signature.

This was already released for Rapid Release Domains of G-Suite members, while the Scheduled Release Domains will see this feature from March 24th onwards. Further, it’s available for personal Gmail users too.

Source: Google Help | G Suite Image Source – Quote Catalog


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