Google’s AI team has come with a new tool named URL2Video, which can convert web pages into an interactive short video. This tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence and takes all the visual components of a web to does constraint programming.

The video output can be modified by altering the components initially. Google said this tool is directed at those making videos from scratch.

A Google Tool For Making Short Videos

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest inventions of all time. The model was tuned to work in various software, robots, websites, and even in logical works. And now, Google has used this to make a tool that automatically converts a web page into a short video. Named as URL2Video, it was documented by Google’s AI team.

The URL2Video is directed at marketers, who make creative short videos to be shared on different platforms. Since they make everything from scratch, it could be hard, if not time-consuming. Thus, an automatic tool as Google’s URL2Video can help. While rendering the output, the tool uses all the visual components of a webpage like the text, font, layout, and colors.

These are analyzed and arranged as continuous shots in a video, using the constraint programming. Google gives flexibility to users by letting them alter the inputs and get the desired output. The team behind it says they interviewed various designers to learn the designing process, which helped them make this tool.

Finally, they stated that “Creating marketing videos from scratch can be challenging, especially when designing for multiple platforms with different viewing criteria. We present URL2Video, an automatic approach that converts a web page into a short video given temporal and visual constraints.” You can learn more about the tool here.


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