If you own a Nexus 6P and has faced issues with the battery, then this is good news for you. Both Google and Huawei have agreed to pay an amount of $10 to $400 for all the affiliated Nexus 6P  owners who have faced the issues with their mobiles. The amount will be paid only if the owner has proper documentation about the problems of their phone.

Google and Huawei Will Pay $10 Million for Faulty Nexus 6P Phones !
Google and Huawei Will Pay $10 Million for Faulty Nexus 6P Phones!

High Battery Drain and Instant Rebooting are The Issues Noticed by Nexus 6P Users

The entire settlement is done at $10 million by the US court of Northern District in California. The Nexus 6P  owners have mentioned two main issues, one of them is that the mobile gets rebooted by itself and it gets stuck at the reboot screen without switching on. The second issue is the battery draining. The mobile’s power gets down suddenly even after charging it completely.

If you purchased Nexus 6P after September 25th, 2015 and are facing the rebooting issues, then you are likely to get $325. If you face battery drain issues, then you get $150. Some users got their mobiles replaced with other phone and even then you face issues then you will be compensated with $400.

All you need to claim this compensation is documents. If you have all the documents handy, then the companies are ready to compensate you with the amount.

If you don’t have any receipt about your problem, you will get the amount in between $10 to $75 only. The companies sent Pixel XL as a replacement for Nexus for some customers; if you received one then you are not eligible for compensation.

People who accept this settlement should waive their rights of lodging a complaint against the companies.


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