Even though Google announced the rollout of Android 13 to Pixel devices earlier this week, it’s only limited to a small group of users in the US.

But now, after checking the stable update as free of glitches, it’s rolling out widely in the US. Users can manually check for Android 13 updates in their Settings app and install it to try. International users of Pixel handsets have to wait until next week.

Android 13 Update to More Pixel Phones

All the Pixel users out there currently care about only one major thing now – a stable Android 13 rollout, which Google announced on Monday this week. While it’s still a simple OTA update, Google held back the rollout for most users just to test with a sample of the community for good.

And it’s usual with any OEM out there. Even after a couple of preview rounds and hundreds of bug fixes in the beta phase, most OEMs test the stable build with some selected users before proceeding to all. And Google is doing just the same now.

Though it was announced on Monday, only some Pixel users in the US have received it. And since there have been no major issues reported till now, it’s now coming to all the eligible Pixel devices across the US, reports 9to5Google.

6a Android 13 Updating Now from GooglePixel

Interested users can check in Settings > System > System Update and hit the Check for update button to see the Android 13 OTA. Download and install it to experience it. Based on the model of the Pixel handset you’re holding, the download size varies from 800MB to 1GB.

Since it takes time to download the whole pack, make sure your device has enough charge before starting the process. Once done, you shall see the new Material You designed, revamped media player, opt-in notifications, etc.


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