Google revealed its plans for bringing Android games to Windows 10 and above soon. These will be natively run, through the Google Play Games app.

Google hasn’t partnered with anyone for building this support and allows users to resume and play games on various devices. A date for launching the Play Games app will be announced soon, and be coming sometime next year.

Android Games on Windows PCs

In a vow to make the Windows platform interesting again, Microsoft has earlier partnered with Amazon to bring its Appstore to Windows 11. This will bring all the Android apps available in Amazon Appstore to Win11, and run natively in the OS.

Now, Google too joins the pack! As reported to The Verge, Google is planning to bring a dedicated Play Games app to Windows 10 and above, which will let users play all the Android games available out there in Windows machines.

Till now, users need to rely on third-party emulators like Bluestacks to run Android apps and games. Microsoft has recently released Windows Subsystem for Android offering the same support. Now Google joining them with a native app means more flexibility being offered.

Google hasn’t partnered with anyone in making the Play Games app and will announce the date of launch soon. We expect the app to come as soon as next year. Also, Google stated that it will allow users to resume and play games on various devices, hinting at the synchronization support.

So you can play a particular game on your phone, and resume it later from a PC or tablet or a Chromebook. The company didn’t mention what technology it’s using to run the Android games on Windows PC, but clearly stated that they’re not streaming them!

So you can expect games to run natively as apps within Windows, rather than playing on the cloud through the browser.


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