Following the suite of other tech giants, Google announced that it’s turning some of its facilities into COVID vaccination centres. Besides this, it promised to aid in terms of Search and Maps to help people and healthcare workers find the centres, and also pledged $150 million to distribute the vaccines evenly to everyone.

Google Aids For Public Health

To help the COVID-19 vaccine accessible to everyone easily, firms like Amazon, Disney, Starbucks have come forward to work with health agencies and state governments recently. Amazon indirectly asked Biden administration to use their delivery fleet and even set-up a vaccination centre at Seattle office.

Disney, on the other hand, has given up its Anaheim-based Disneyland as vaccination centre, and also in talks with Florida officials to do the same with Disney Theme Park there. And other companies like Starbucks, Costco and Microsoft are reportedly planning to help governments deliver the vaccine across the states.

Vaccination site

Now, joining them is the Google, by making their parking lots, open spaces and buildings at San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Kirkland, Washington etc S vaccination centres. Besides this, the company has also announced a $100 million on ad grants to agencies like CDC Foundation, WHO and other unspecified NGOs to help them advertise across their platforms.

Also, it will invest an extra $50 million to help public health agencies in educating the underserved communities about the vaccine. Further, it will make the vaccine information panels more accessible across its Maps and Search platforms, like showing them the nearby vaccination centres. It has already started with Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

The company revealed that there’s a 5-fold increase in the search phrase “vaccines near me” since the beginning of this year. Considering this, it will add more states to the Maps with COVID vaccination centres nearby to help citizens.


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