Google has today announced a free VPN for its Google One subscribers. The built-in VPN will let users browse more securely and have basic functionalities as other VPN providers.

This will be available for the subscribers who’re paying for 2TB and higher plans and can be shared with family members if eligible. Also, Pro Sessions support is announced to have a chat with experts.

Google One Subscribers Get Free VPN!

Google Announced Free VPN For Google One Subscribers
Google Announced Free VPN For Google One Subscribers

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an added layer of security in a simple to those unknown. Activating this means all of your device’s traffic is being sent to a dedicated server before visiting the actual end platforms. Since this maks your IP address and routes your online traffic in a tunnel, tracking your online activity becomes harder.

Since this is a must service for being private, a number of companies have starter offering VPNs of their own. While there are established players like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, VyperVPN, etc., Google, the giant has just announced itself. Known as VPN by Google One, this service is built into the Google One platforms, giving eligible users for free.

Google said that users who have signed up for Google One plans of 2TB and higher would be eligible to get this new service for free. This can be seen on the Home page itself and should be toggled to active. Also, for those who’re using the plans (from 2TB onwards) as family sharing, we can share this VPN with them at no additional cost, with upto 5 members.

Google has also announced a Pro Sessions, online support for addressing the queries, or guiding users’ usage. Google One users from the US, Canada, and the UK can set up a Pro Sessions with Google experts, who’ll be guiding you about using Google products through online sessions.

This service is currently available for Google One Android users in the US, Canada, and the UK and will be rolling to other markets and iOS later.


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