Several Android users are complaining about a new bug in the Google app, crashing or freezing after updating to its latest version.

The reports are coming from all users irrespective of their handset OEMs and suggesting workarounds for helping others in the community. While Google is yet to acknowledge the issue, here’s more about the bug and solutions.

Google App Crashing Due to a Bug

Many believe in Google since it’s reliable in most cases, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect all the time. A recent version release from Google to its official Google app had it crashing every few seconds, making it unusable to users.

This problem is said to be a widespread one since many have been reporting on various platforms with the same attributes. Android handset users of any OEM installing the latest version of the Google app are facing this problem.

Victimized users report seeing a “Google keeps stopping” pop up every few seconds and making the other functions like Google Assitant, Search, Google Lens, etc. to stop working eventually.

Temporary Workaround

While Google is yet to acknowledge the issue, many have suggested temporary workarounds like uninstalling the update to make the Google app work again.

If you’ve upgraded to the latest version, go to Settings and open the Apps (Applications) section. Here, check for the Google app and tap on it to open deep settings. Now, tap on the three dots at the top right corner to see the “Uninstall updates” option, and click on it to revert from the current version.

This takes you back to the bug-free version of the Google app, which actually works. Also, it’s recommended to disable automatic updates to the app until Google solves the unknown bug.


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