To make people properly aware of what the Pride month is, Google Assistant is now enabled to offer relevant answers and emphatic messages for interested people.

People asking Google Assistant what Pride Month is or sharing their gender doubts will be thoroughly answered by the voice assistant. Also, it can share popular stories regarding Juneteenth and some voices of black people talking about liberation.

Talking About Pride Month and Juneteenth

Out of all the resources we have for finding information online, looking through a voice assistant kicks differently. It’s not just hands-free but also interesting talking to a bot and hearing its web-browsed opinions. Google Assistant is one such thing that’s revamped to answer trending and most important subjects.

And the Juneteenth and Pride Month are few among the many that were added to its library this week. Anyone asking questions about the above topics to Google Assistant can now receive the best answers from the web.

Google Assistant is trained to respond to all types of questions regarding the Pride Month and Juneteenth. Also, for anyone sharing their gender status and sharing concerns, Google Assistant is trained to respond in an empathic way.

For example, saying “Hey Google, I’m gay” to the Assistant will receive “empathetic” responses and ask if you have what you need to completely live out your identity. Further, asking “what are you doing for pride” will have a quiz showing up about LGBTQ figures and events from history.

And it’s not just another Pride Month, but Google Assistant is trained to answer doubts regarding the Juneteenth too. It will share some voices of black people sharing what it means for them to celebrate the Juneteenth. So if you have any doubts regarding these, activate your Google Assistant and ask as desired.


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