As a part of this month’s Feature Drop, Google is rolling out the Faster Night Sight feature to Pixel 6 and 6 Pro – via an update to its native camera app.

The new Faster Night Sight will allow users to capture better photos at night, with the OEM noting less motion blur due to increased exposures and updates to the HDR+ with Bracketing and new ML techniques for noise reduction.

Better Night Light Photography in Pixel 6 Series

Google Camera is one of the best camera apps out there – with various features to make your mobile photography experience a lot better than the regular tools. It’s so popular that several developers are modding the apk to run on other devices – even if they’re not compatible.

Yet, the Google app gives the best results when handled properly. Making this even better, Google is rolling out a new version of the app with Fast Night Sight support for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro today. This feature was introduced with Pixel 7 series earlier and now coming to the Pixel 6 Series (without 6a) with GCam v8.8.

Google says the new feature has “less motion blur since exposures can be half as long as before” while crediting “updates to HDR+ with Bracketing and new ML techniques to reduce noise.” This allows users to decide between faster Night Sight or a longer exposure time for improved image quality.

Google Camera ‘Fast Night Sight’

If you’re interested and have the app updated to v8.8, you can see slide into this feature and find a circle in the bottom-right corner – which has 2-6 seconds as the shutter speed. Select the mode as desired (the bigger the number, the longer the exposure), and click.

If you don’t have this feature already, wait for it to arrive. The latest Google Camera v8.8 is not yet available in Play Store, so you must sideload it if wanted.


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