Google, on the latest update of its Chrome 79, has added several security features and improvements to it. While most of them are minor, it has tightened the security protection features and to stop phishing activities.

Warning About Stolen Passwords

Now logging into a site with your sensitive credentials on Google Chrome is much helpful than any other browser. There’s a new feature that warns users if their passwords or username have been compromised in any other site or app previously, and suggests you change them. Previously, this feature is like an extension or third party service to a checkup, and now, Google’s embedding this into chrome by default.

Real-time Protection From Phishing

Google’s Safe Browsing feature maintains dynamic data of unsafe websites on the internet. While this list is updated every 30 mins, some fraudsters escape this scan by sneaking from Google’s crawlers and stay on the internet.

Google Chrome 79 Released with Better Security Features
Google Chrome 79

They might be phishing, unprotected, etc sites that intend to steal user data. Now Google is making this data display in real-time. Further, it will be shared with several webmasters and browsers to help all internet users to stay safe. It even blacklists some of the unsafe sites via its API.

Refreshed UI for Profile

If you’re sharing your PC with others, Chrome now lets you easily identify the profile/account of browsing. This feature now shows the name aside of the profile picture of the account who’s been switched to. Other features as tab freezing, back-forward caching mechanism, restricting the HTTPS “mixed content” sites to load have been added.

Google further reveals that it has formed a new center as Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) where it develops all such security features that strengthen the privacy and security of Chrome in 2020. This update of version 79 is now available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux.

Source: Google Blog


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