Google has introduced a new feature to the Chrome on Android app, which easily lets users change a compromised password. Named as the automated password change, this feature is integrated into the Google Assistant and notifies users about a compromised password. Alongside, it can change the password without visiting the website.

New Security Feature in Chrome For Android

Google Chrome on Android Now Lets Users Change Passwords EasilyGoogle embedded many security features in the Chrome browser that helps users stay aware of any cyber threats. One among them is the password suite, which can store given passwords, suggest strong passwords and even let users know of any compromised passwords.

While this is helpful enough, we thought Google should make the password changing process easier when a compromise is detected. And it’s happening now, as a new feature called automated password change is rolled out to Chrome for Android. This is embedded into Google Assistant and makes the process of changing a site’s password hassle-free.

This is how it works – you detect one of your saved passwords was compromised and needs to be changed. So you’d generally go to the concerned website, find the option to change the password in its settings, and then do it. But with this new feature, you can change the password right in your Google Assistant with few clicks.

When a compromised password was detected and notified, you’ll see the Change Password button right beside it. Clicking on that will open a form with the old password and blanks for entering the new password. Make one and hit save/update to change it. This feature is powered by Duplex, a web integration helping Google Assistant with various tasks like ordering food, checking into flights, buying movie tickets, etc.

Further, this feature will be rolling out to everyone who enabled the password sync and start with US users, followed by others in the coming months.


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