Google is reportedly working on a new feature in the Digital Wellbeing app that will let users set a Holiday mode from regular activity.

As it’s observed that there’s no pause or disable period for extended periods in the Digital Wellbeing app, Google is planning to add this feature – as per an APK teardown by the 9to5Google team. We may see this feature coming in the next beta update of the app.

Holiday Mode in Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is one of the finest offerings from Google that will help you manage your digital interests on your phone. When enabled, the app can track how much time you spend on each app or website on your device and even set limits to stop addiction.

Aside from this, the service also has a Focus mode to stop you from distracting while working on important things. This mode will temporarily pause certain apps – like disabling their notifications and graying out their icons in the app drawer. You can either manually turn this setting or schedule a specific time to be turned on when it kicks in.

While this is fairly helpful, there are times when you want to disable the schedule for good. Like at a holiday, you may want to receive fun notifications from entertainment apps and enjoy further – but paused by Digital Wellbeing as per its pre-set schedule!

Since there’s no option to disable the schedule for extended periods, Google is now working on a new feature to let you do so. As per 9to5Google, a teardown session of the Digital Wellbeing app (version 1.5.500315346.beta) revealed a new Holiday ‘Add a holiday‘ setting.

<string name=”focus_mode_add_holiday”>Add a holiday</string>

<string name=”holiday_title”>Holiday</string>

<string name=”holiday_item_header”>Time off</string>

<string name=”holiday_picker_positive_button”>Set</string>

<string name=”delete_holiday_description”>Delete holiday</string>

This feature will let you override the schedule and keep Focus Mode disabled when you’re on vacation. This is helpful for keeping you active for extended periods, which would otherwise be numbed by the Digital Wellbeing schedule.


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