To help users write better and in a direct format, Google has added a bunch of stylistic and writing suggestions features to its Docs platform.

These include suggestions on correcting the grammar of a sentence and making it more direct, using alternative words, suggesting inclusive language, and detecting potential inappropriate words. All these features will be available to Google Workspace users soon.

Google Docs New Writing Features

For those who’re looking for an MS Office alternative, Google’s G Suite is a fairly suitable suggestion to go with. To attract new features on board and make the existing ones productive, Google has been adding supportive tools regularly.

In this pursuit, the company added grammar and auto-correction tools a whole ago. And now, it’s expanding the writing toolbox with more features for improving the users’ content. And these are;

  • Alternate wording
  • Using active voice
  • Making sentence structure more concise
  • Use of more inclusive language
  • Potential inappropriate words

So when you’re writing something, Google’s AI suggests a better version to make your content more dynamic. These include making the sentences in direct speech, suggesting alternatives (synonyms) for avoiding repetitive words, suggesting keywords to make it more inclusive, and detecting potential inappropriate words.

All these suggestions will appear with a purple line under the concerned words or sentences. And clicking on it will show up the suggestion in brief, and with two buttons for accepting or rejecting the suggestion. These tools will be turned on by default and can be managed from the Tools menu.

And Google said these features will be rolling out to all the Google Workspace users in the coming weeks. Although, the tone and style suggestions will be available first, with the word warnings for inappropriate and discriminatory language added later.


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