As announced in May this year, Google has developed a new security solution for thwarting spam and abusive content on Google Drive.

This is by blocking the malicious sender who is repeatedly found to be sharing spam content. This feature is available for all users, including the free tier, and removes all the content shared by the sender before blocking him across Google services.

Google Drive New Security Solution

Google Drive is one of the best productivity services from Google suite, that’s extremely helpful in various ways like file hosting, sharing, syncing, and editing. But, for a long, it lacked basic security features.

One of them is the ability to thwart spammers from sharing abusive or spam content. For example, a threat actor deciding to abuse can do it simply by adding your email address to his spam folder’s sharing list and make it appear on your ‘Shared with me section.

Having such spam content appearing in your drive all the time is unwanted, and removing them every time they appear is torture. Thus, blocking the sender could be the best option if he’s found to be having a spam track record.

And Google does just that. As it announced in May this year, the maker of Drive has pushed a new security solution – “Block” – which effectively blocks the sender (or sharer) from sharing any further spam content.

You can see this by right-clicking on concerning content (file) and hit on the Block option to bar him from any further connections. What’s good about this feature is that it’s available for the paid Google Workspace users and free tier.

Google said blocking a person will effectively;

  • Remove all the content shared by him previously, thus helpful in not picking out the individually.
  • Block the contact (sender) from sharing any files further.
  • Pull off the access to your files for that blocked account.

While these are good, blocking the specific contact in Drive may also block them across all Google services. While this is not known for sure, having a spammer blocked across all platforms if he’s proven to be bad is always good.


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