Years after making the Earth Engine available for free to NGOs and researchers, Google is commercializing the service for corporates now who’re striving for their sustainability goals.

Commercial enterprises can now access the Earth Engine’s vast data of earth to work on reducing their carbon emission goals and be better sustainable. Also, there are new tools for monitoring carbon-free energy, and its Carbon Sense suite of products.

Google Cloud-Based Data of Earth

Launched in 2010, Google’s Earth Engine is one of the programs that consume and throws up a vast amount of raw data – mainly drawn from satellites and public resources – to let people study the earth better. Hosted on Google Cloud, this service is only available for NGOs and academic researchers all these years.

But now, Google is opening up this project for commercial entities too, which are striving to reduce their carbon footprints. For corporates, Google put up Earth Engine as an enterprise-grade, commercial version program, to help them track their carbon emissions and plan accordingly to meet their sustainability goals.

Google Earth Engine combines data from satellites and other sources that are continuously streamed into the Google cloud and processed with massive geospatial resources to produce raw data for timely, accurate, high-resolution insights about the earth.

This should help concerned companies or researchers to keep track of the world’s forests, water sources, ecosystems, and agriculture, and make better plans for reducing their depletion. Talking about this commercial availability, Google Earth’s director Rebecca Moore said;

“Over the years, businesses and governments have been increasingly approaching us to accelerate their sustainability transformations. We’re helping companies with the responsible management of natural resources while also building sustainable business practices.”

Aside from this, Google is also launching other tools to let companies track their use of 24/7 carbon-free energy, and the Carbon Sense suite of products – all aimed at reducing the carbon footprint.


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