Google is offering a free one-week trial of its eSIM serviceGoogle Fi, for select users in the US who can sign up to experience the company’s service soon.

During the trial period, you get unlimited data, calls, and texts under a trial number, which you can choose to keep after the test ends, or port with your existing number of interest. Aside from regular connectivity, Google Fi also comes with additional features like spam blocking and VPN services too.

A Free Trail of Google’s eSIM

If you’re thinking of trying an eSIM experience with any eligible phone, this could be the perfect time to start so – as Google is running a free 7-day test trial of its Fi eSIM service in the US. Users enrolling in this program will get a trial number – which comes with unlimited calls, texts, and data.

Although the data is termed unlimited, it’s capped at 10GB of LTE speed, which will be reduced to ultra-low speeds of unlimited data. This throttling is usual in all the carriers, as they offer a certain amount of data for free at high speed while restricting the speed after that cap.

Anyway, 10GB of mobile data for 7 days is pretty good and should help you get the regular work done. The best thing here is that the test also comes with unlimited hotspot service too! And once you’re done with the trial – and interested in signing up for the commercial service – you can keep the trial number or port your existing number to Google Fi.

Plans for this start at $50 for a single-person unlimited plan with 5GB of hotspot tethering per month. Throttling rules start at 15GB for this plan and 50GB for the highest plan. This should be fair for those using the service on mobiles, while it also comes with spam blocking and VPN services. Interested users can check their eligibility on the website starting Thursday.


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