Google Fit is still going strong, even though Fitbit has become a big part of Google’s fitness efforts, especially since the Pixel Watch was announced. James Park, the founder and CEO of Fitbit, said that both Fit and Fitbit will be around for a while and that Google has no plans to get rid of either one right now.

We’ve heard that the Google Fit app might get a new logo to prove that. You can actually “check it out” here.

Fit started in October 2014 with a logo that looked like a heart-shaped notebook. A redesign in 2018 kept the heart shape but made it fit with a design scheme that focused on combining simple shapes and strokes with Google’s signature four colors.

According to 9to5Google, this latest small change doesn’t keep the logo the same, but it does bring out some parts. Green and blue are switching places, and the heart is no longer a closed shape. The yellow and blue parts now look like checkmarks, which could mean that exercise goals have been met. And… I think that’s all.

Even though the icon isn’t live yet, you can see a version of it in the app’s complications in Wear OS. You see above a recreation 9to5 made based on what was told.

If what they say is true, I like the new look. Even though it looks pretty much the same, the new logo has a fresher feel. Also, a new icon usually means that Google cares about the product it represents. So, even though it was already clear that Google Fit wasn’t going anywhere, this is another sign that it won’t.


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