Soon, Google is replacing the inbuilt backup solutions in all Android devices with the “Backup by Google One” integration.

The service is free, but any media backed up will be accounted to your Drive account quota, and others like app data, SMS, phone date saves for free. This one-tap solution will easily store and transfer all your phone data while migrating.

Backup by Google One in Android

While switching to a new phone is exciting, transferring all the phone data is a hassle. But, over time, this has been simplified by many OEMs and services to make our lives easier.

One can use their device OEM’s inbuilt app for transferring the data, or use a third-party tool like Titanium backup to migrate, or try the in-built Google service (only for Android devices) to move data.

And the last one is getting an update lately, by integrating with Google One service. As noted by 9to5google, the inbuilt Android backup solution is now renamed as “Backup by Google One“, and includes photos, videos, MMS along with app data, SMS text messages, device settings, call history, and contacts.

This can be seen at Settings > System > Backup or Settings > Google > Backup,
Where you can opt-in for backing up all your device data with one click, and import them back into the device when switched.

A thing to note here is that Backup by Google One will account for the backup data of photos and videos to your Google Drive quota, and stores the rest at no cost, like the previous solution. So make sure you have enough cloud space before moving it.

And despite the name as Google One, this feature is free and does back up as usual, since it’s just an integration. Google One does have its own backup feature, but available as an app. You can manage your backups through Android settings pages in the Google One app or website.

This new integration is coming to Android devices running Oreo 8.0 and later in the coming weeks.


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