Google recently has been in discussion with the American government these days. The company has asked to provide an exemption from Huawei ban. It said that the ban of Huawei is bad for the company’s business and for the national security too. These discussions have been a hot topic recently.

Google Is Fearing About The New OS Threat

Google Android has been a monopoly company in the industry for a long time. Now due to the ban, Huawei has created its own operating system Known as Ark OS. Google is worried that this operating system will affect their business on a long term basis.

Google is Now Afraid of Huawei, If They Create Better OS than Android
Google is Now Afraid of Huawei, If They Create Better OS than Android

Google has put forward their argument stating that Huawei being dependent on Google is a good thing for the US. The global manufacturers from China build Google-approved Android OS for the non-Chinese market. After the completion of Google testing process, this OS is divided into two- international and Chinese centric.

The international OS provides support to all the apps whereas the Chinese centric OS provides support for the Chinese apps. The search engine giant is saying that if they have the Android OS in their mobile phones, the company will still have control over the mobiles. In May, following the orders of Trump Administration, some of the tech giants like Google, Intel, Qualcomm has broken all of their ties with Huawei.

According to the reports, Facebook is also planning to ban Huawei from installing all of its family apps. This ban has created a great impact on both countries’ companies.

Huawei will be losing the huge app building ecosystem whereas the US companies will be losing access to the second largest smartphone maker in the world.


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