Android has finally launched an Apple’s AirDrop-style media sharing feature, Nearby Share for Androids. This new technique is a more stable version of its previous Android Beam feature and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit data both offline and online.

Google Launched Nearby Share, similar to Apple’s AirDrop

Sharing content across devices is one of the requested features in any community. While Apple got the AirDrop to connect, Android users have long been relying mostly on third-party apps like Share It, Xender etc. But now, it’s going to get am in-built feature like AirDrop.

After testing with a small number of people in early July this year, Google is finally rolling out the Nearby Share feature to all Androids running version 6 and above. Well, it’s the selected Pixel and Samsung devices getting this feature starting today, and will eventually roll out to other handsets.

This support will rather be pushed in an update, than a dedicated app as done with Google Files, which will be facing direct competition from its maker. The Nearby Share will be using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tech to transmit data in between phones and may switch to WiFi and Hotspot if found better transmit rates.

Android has previously launched a similar feature called Android Beam, which uses NFC and defunct now. Using this feature is simple too. All you have to do is select a file and check for options. If you see Nearby Share, tap it to open the scan for other devices ready to receive.

Users who’re intended to receive should keep their Nearby Share option turned on, and tap Allow when the files are incoming. Google has set the privacy of the users strong in this service, as both the sender’s and receiver’s data is encrypted in the process. Moreover, one can select whether their contacts have to be shared or not, or specially set what contacts can be shared.

Senders can also control their visibility to others in public, and also the specific receivers. With few Samsung and Pixel devices set to receive this initially, more Android handsets would follow soon.


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