Google has announced a new accessibility service called “Look to Speak,” which would let users communicate with others via their phones without handling it. This happens by operating the device through eye movements and decide on pre-set phrases speak them out loud. Interested users should install its app to get started.

Move Your Eyeballs to Define Your Words

Under its “Experiments with Google,” Google has shown up with a new accessibility tool called “Look to Speak.” As named, it would let a user make his phone speak on his behalf through eyeball movement.

To start with, users should install the app from Playstore and setup their desired phrases. Of not, they can go with the basic pre-set phrases in the app. You’ll be asked to add your face while initializing, where you can practice selecting the options through the movement of your eyeballs!

After setup, you’ll be shown the home page with all the available options to go with. This screen is then divided into three parts – Right, Left, and Top. With phrases on the right and left, the top section is meant for the snoozing process.

And since the phrases are divided into right and left, you should move your eyeballs to the side where your desired phrase is available. Continue doing this until you filter out all the unwanted phrases and get the one you actually wanted. Once selected, at last, it will be spoken out loudly by the device.

If you’ve mistaken anywhere in between, you can look up to snooze the process and start afresh. This will appear once after you’re done choosing and speaking up too.
This is good and useful for those like in a wheelchair and can make little effort to convey their thoughts.

Google said this app is available for devices running on Android 9 and above. If you wanted to try on the web, here is how to do it.


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