In a new update rolled out to its Maps platform, Google added wheelchair accessibility settings for everyone and improved the Live View feature.

With this, users can get more information about places on their route to their destination, like ATMs, transit stations, etc. – all filled with the necessary information to make smart choices. Further, the Maps Live View will point to EV charging stations, too, with suitable pins to your car.

Google Maps New Features

Live View on Google Maps has been for quite a time, so anything that’s added to the platform now is a mere improvement. Well, to enhance this existing feature, Google added a bunch of information to the Live View to make the routing more helpful for users.

In a new update rolled to the Maps Android and iOS clients, Google said the Live View can now show several important points on your way to your destination. These include any transit stations, ATMs, pharmacies, etc, for quick help.

Also, all these locations will have their important information shown up throughout the way, like rating, operating hours, price range, and it’s busyness. Further, Live View can now show the nearest EV charging stations, too, with the added information on their availability and charging pin types.

You can even filter the results with a charging pin that suits you. Well, this is available only in the places of Los Angeles, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Yet, they’re helpful. Further, Google is expanding the wheelchair accessibility search on Maps to everyone around the world.

This has been in testing for several months in Australia, Japan, the United States, and the U.K, and can be enabled by toggling the “Accessible Places” in your app’s settings menu. If you’re an avid Maps user and want to experience all these new features, you better update the app.


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