According to reports, Google’s recent mass layoffs have the Fuchsia OS and Area 120 severely impacted – with the former seeing heavy job cuts and the latter department being dumped altogether!

This move is in line with the other tech giants of industry laying off people for similar reasons, where the irrelevant or low-scope projects are mostly affected.

Killing the In-House Made Projects

Citing the ongoing economic turmoil, several companies – especially in the technology space – are laying off employees almost every week. We heard these decisions coming from tens of companies, including the big ones.

Amazon announced cutting over 18,000 jobs soon after dumping 10,000 employees in November last year. Similarly, Microsoft stated laying over 10,000 people across departments to save up costs, just like Snap, Uber, OpenSea, etc.

Though Apple didn’t make any public announcements on large-scale layoffs, reports note that non-Apple Store workers are getting their termination notices. Well, now, Google said it’ll cut down 12,000 jobs across various departments, with some being scrapped altogether!

Area 120 – the in-house made incubator is one among them that’s being terminated for good! Google already cut funding to Area 120 months ago, even though it’s producing reliable feature inventions.

Next up is Fuchsia OS, that’s developed by over a 400-member team. Google is so ambitious about Fuchsia OS – as it would be more native than Android (purchased) and helps it to untangle from the legal traps of Oracle while using its Java code.

But, the economic downturn is forcing Google to cut resources even there – as reports noted, every one in six members working on Fuchsia OS is being dumped. The OS is already powering Google’s Nest speakers and smart displays, with another one on its way soon. It’s unknown whether these layoffs shall impact the launch of the new product’s arrival.


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