Google Meet is adding an ability to let users create a background with AI to make their video chat session more fun and interactive.

Users enrolled into the Google Workspace Labs program can access this feature, available in the Visual Effects menu as Generate Background. You can create a desired background with simple text prompts and tune it later by selecting different styles. Since this feature is still in testing, Google is seeking feedback from the testers.

AI Backgrounds in Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the many products that Google is focusing heavily on after the pandemic, with the video conferencing app gaining a lot of new features lately. We’ve seen the addition of 1080p video resolution, Picture-in-Picture mode and tools to create primary video effects.

Now, the OEM is adding the ability to let users create creative backgrounds with simple text inputs – processed by AI. This feature was spotted by Artem Russakovskii, who said it’s available for all users in Google Workspace Labs. Google listed detailed instructions on enabling and using the feature public in the Visual Effects menu as Generate Background.

If available, you can proceed to create backgrounds with simple text prompts. You can quote in any situation (make sure it’s not offensive) and let the AI start it. Once done, it’ll show up a handful of example outputs, with more tuning options like styles to mend it further.

Selecting the desired one will apply it as your background instantly. And since it’s a new feature, Google is seeking feedback from the community who can test it. And those doing so, make sure not to enter private information in the forms, advises Google. After all, it’s a fun addition to Meet to make your daily video-calling experience joyful and more interactive.