The latest beta of Google Messages reveals a new AI integration into the chat app – probably Bard, which will let users compose automatic responses when needed.

While the functionality isn’t live yet, we expect the feature to aid users in their regular responses and even in hard times. Also, it’s reported to let users review the generated responses before sending them into the chat.

Bard AI Into Google Messages

Triggered by the popularity of ChatGPT, Google somehow made its own AI chatbot called Bard – which had an intriguing launch late last month. To suffice this failure, Google is reportedly integrating this tool into some of its existing services, starting with Search.

This integration is live in the UK and the US and will be coming to everyone worldwide soon. While this is underway, Google is also testing the Bard integration with its Messages app – as noted by the 9to5Google team.

On digging into the latest beta version of Google Messages, the team found a new option (with a sparkle icon) in the message composition box. Placed just beside the emoji icon, this new option will let users compose automatic responses to incoming messages.

The feature doesn’t compose the entire response yet but it probably starts with one-liners. Also, the functionality isn’t live yet, as we can see the phrase “(TODO!)” in the message box, and nothing more. This gives us the hint that it’ll let users review the AI-generated response before sending it into the chat.

And hopefully, this would evolve into something like Bard sending a completely relevant response automatically when needed. This could be coming under the Smart Reply feature if developed.

This setting already has support for sending contextual one-word replies. We may know more about this integration in the upcoming Google I/O event.


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