To make things easier, big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple, and Opera have formed a WebExtensions Community Group coalition. This is aimed at standardizing the functionality and APIs for extensions across all web browsers. The group is now inviting extension developers and other browser makers to join the group.

One Extension Rule For All

Web browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc., serve no greater purpose without extensions. Browse extensions are a gift and serve additional functionalities like general apps.

Thus, developers making them should be encouraged by removing the hassle process of adding. Web extensions are hard to make, and if they are meant for more than one browser, it’s even harder to develop.

Developers have to treat various API rules set by browser makers and follow all the policies they make. As this makes it harder to develop, browser makers have come together to standardize these practices and make things simpler.

According to W3C, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla have initiated a WebExtensions Community Group.

Under this, they wanted to standardize practices like extensions’ APIs, functionality, and permissions. Most popular browsers like Edge, Firefox, and Opera use Chrome’s Extension API, generally called WebExtensions.

But they aren’t limited to pushing new functionalities and other changes to the extensions, often not following Google’s new API.

Similarly, browser makers will be independent in operating their stores and can set their own policies for acceptance reviewing and takedown. As this should make the work for developers easier, the W3C is now welcoming all the interested parties like browser makers and extension developers to join this effort.

Over the course, developers put less effort into making extensions that are suitable for all browsers. Read more about the WebExtensions Community Group here.


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