Google is testing a new desktop version of the news feed reader in its Chrome Canary version, as spotted by the About Chromebooks blog.

While they managed to turn this support on, it’s still not working as intended. But when available, users will be given an option to follow their favorite sites and see the latest updates from them in a dedicated in-window panel in Chrome. Google browse is already a news feed reader for its iOS and Android clients.

News Feed Reader in Chrome

RSS feed readers, or simply news aggregators, are a good way to get updates from your favorite websites in one place. And years after Google killed its own feeder – Google Reader, the company is now introducing them in a new way.

Last October, Google introduced Android and iOS clients as dedicated news feed readers, and the question of a web version was left hanging. But now, the works for this seem to be in progress, as About Chromebooks discovered a native feed reader in the latest Chrome Canary version.

As per them, users on their interested website can right-click to see a new option – Follow Site – to add it to their list of feeders. And whenever there’s an update coming from them, they can see that in an in-window panel appearing right in the Chrome browser.

Though it’s not working now, it may be doing its job when properly done in the future. For mobile clients, the feed reader is available right on their New Tab homepage, while tapping on the menu lets users subscribe to their favorite sites.

While we wait to see how the web version evolves, a Chrome engineer named Adrienne Porter Felt said we’ll see more improvements made to the mobile clients of feed readers before the desktop version is ready. Anyway, we hope to see this fully functional in Chrome 106.


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