To improve the quality of ‘featured snippets’ it shows in search results, Google will use a new Search AI called the Multitask Unified Model now.

With this, Google will consider a general consensus for a specific snippet before it’s shown in the results. Aside from this, Google is also expanding the accessibility of the ‘About this result’ section with more languages and other information to help users decide on the trustworthiness of a search result.

Improved Search AI For Better Snippets

Whenever you make a simple query in Google for something, you’ll be shown the exact answer for that query at the top, with other sources mentioned below it. This is called featured snippet, and Google decided on from which blog they had to show this to you.

While it’s good that it shows a pinpointed answer without any story, Google wants to make sure it’s showing a reliable snippet whenever asked. For this, the platform will use a new search AI called the Multitask Unified Modelwhich will consider the general consensus from other high-quality sources before showing it to the public.

It’s capable of figuring out the general consensus for a certain feature snippet callout, even if the sources use different words or concepts to describe the same concept. With this technique, Google said it “has meaningfully improved the quality and helpfulness of featured snippet callouts.

And for those queries with false premises, the Search AI is tweaked to show fewer snippets or none for better. And if the AI is not able to decide on the reliability of a featured snippet, it will put up an advisory at the top of the results – warning users of the questionable quality of the content shown.

Aside from this, Google is also expanding the “About this result” section – which can be found by tapping the three-dot menu aside from a search result – with more languages – Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, and Indonesian.

Plus, more information like how widely the concerned publication is circulated, its online reviews, and its parent company are shown for users to decide on its trustworthiness.


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