Twenty years after its launch, Google is revamping its News platform on the desktop to prioritize the local news alongside the customized and trending sections.

This would give more push to the local news outlets, and reduces the work for people who often scour for specific blogs for reading local news. People can add multiple locations to see local news from those areas. Also, Google is expanding the fact-checking tools to make news more reliable.

Google News Design Revamp

Launched in 2002, Google News is one of the finest sources for catching up with the world. You can find stories from several news outlets coming all day long, categorized into various sections to make it easy for reading the right things.

Today, after two decades, Google has tuned the News platform’s UI on the web to highlight the local news outlets. This is by bringing the news from local media outlets up and placing them right next to trending and popular stories. All these years, users are supposed to drown to the bottom to find the local news.

And if you feel that stories coming up from one location isn’t enough, you can add multiple locations to find more content. Also, the fact-checking tools of Google are expanding too, with Google now showing the original claim of a story next to its headline, plus the fact checks from independent sources.

This should clear up the doubts for readers, and be assured that the concerned claim holds up. And if you’re bored of seeing similar stories all the time, you can customize the topics to add new topics and have suggestions coming related to them.

Overall, the new UI of Google News is simple and cleaner to make browsing and reading easy and has given the local news outlets the push they needed to grow.


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