As promised earlier, Google is adding the Package Tracking feature in its Gmail to let you track your package right within the app.

Once enabled manually, Google will share the tracking ID with the respective courier company and get its delivery status back to you – so you can be informed. Further, this feature will also intimate you if the package is being delayed and even push the concerning email to the top to be noticed better.

Tracking Your Package in Gmail

Google is diversifying the scope of its Gmail app to be more than just an email app – with the addition of a package tracking feature. The company announced this support last year and would be really helpful if we had received this a couple of months ago.

Anyhow, it’s here now, in the Gmail app for both Android and iOS. Interested users need to manually enable this – with iOS users heading to the Data Privacy section and finding the Package tracking toggle under the Smart features section.

For Android clients, you have to go through Settings > select the email ID (if you have multiple added), and scroll down to see the new option Package tracking. Google states it’ll share the package tracking number with courier companies and will update here in the Gmail app.

If you don’t see the option already, just update your app and wait. Once enabled, you’ll see an updated interface in the Gmail app – where delivery status emails will bear a green label – indicating the status availability.

Open it up to see a card displaying at the top that shows all the important information about the delivery, like “label created, arriving tomorrow, and delivered today“. This feature works with most major shipping carriers, although Google didn’t specify the supported carriers yet.


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