This year, 2023, Google is expected to come with four new smartphones – all placed in different price segments to attract the entire industry.

For one, we have Pixel 7a readying for the summer launch, while Pixel 8 Series coming in the second half of this year, probably alongside a new foldable smartphone – Pixel Fold! While we’re yet to learn more about these devices, leaked renders so far give us enough idea to make reliable assumptions.

Google’s 2023 Smartphone Lineup

One of the many areas that Google is budding in now is the smartphone industry, which is ripe with numerous OEMs already. Though there’s stiff competition, we see Google’s handsets are fairly performing in the mid and premium segments with suitable features.

This year, we hope the company will come with phones for all types of people, viz Pixel 7a for the budget class, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro for premium, and Pixel Fold for the ultra-premium class. These are expected to perform better and more logically than the current Pixel 7 lineup, which has its two handsets placed in different classes with minor differences.

For example, the Pixel 7 is priced at $600, while the Pixel 7 Pro comes at $900 – although there aren’t any big differences between them. Both these handsets come with chip, storage, design, and primary and selfie cameras.

Well, there are people who run after curved displays to seem more premium – but they aren’t good in many ways. For one thing, curved displays make it hard to lay on screen protectors while forcing users to be extra careful in handling them.

If not this, you may go for Pixel 7 Pro for its telephoto lens – the only major distinction against its standard counterpart. Even this doesn’t justify the massive price gap of $300 (between Pixel 7 and 7 Pro), although it’s far cheaper than the flagships from other OEMs. Samsung offers its Galaxy S23 Ultra for $1,200, while Apple charges $1,100 for its iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Thus, we assume Google to place this year’s handsets in a more logical way to attract more people and divert the regulators from its deep grip on Android.


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