Making the app more resourceful, Google has updated its Photos app with a new UI that brings several editing options. The company has also introduced Portrait Light to brighten up not just portrait photos, but also others. Also, it rollout a new Suggestions feature, which uses Machine Learning to suggest relevant edits to your photos. This will be coming to Pixel phones initially.

Google Updates Photos App With New UI

While every OEM sets their own bloatware Gallery app, Google Photos is demanded a number of reasons. The maker has tuned the app with several features regularly to make it a perfect suite for holding all your memories. Now, to make those memories more beautiful, it introduced a new editor UI with more editing options.

The new Google Photos app has a Suggestion tab, which prompts up when you open the editor. This feature, fuelled by Machine Learning, suggest you the better and relevant edit options like increasing the brightness, adjusting the contrast etc. Thus, with a single tap, users can edit the complete photo to look better.

Also, it allows users to make granular edits like the setting warmth, sharpness or others as from Suggestions. There are other options like Enhance and Color Pop, which is coming soon. Google promised to add even more options soon. There’s yet another feature called Portrait Light, which edits not just portrait photos but also others.

Currently, the app’s editor is just limited to cropping, rotating and an edit button which does nothing much than sharpening it. Thus, introducing these features to compete with astonishing third-party apps like Snapseed or PicsArt is necessary. While it’s not for making heavy editing, it’s at least essential for basic touches. Try the app here – Google Photos


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