Google Photos gets a new feature called Snippets, set alongside the other current creation features in the app. This is currently available only to a handful of people.

Initially spotted by a Reddit user and later noted by Android Police, Snippets in Google Photos uses machine learning to make short, shareable clips out of original videos on users’ phones. These will be shown up in the home page carousel, and initially focuses on pets videos.

Snippets in Google Photos

To make our videos more memorable, Google has already set in a bunch of tools in the Photos app to create interactive clips. These include Animations, Collages, Movies, and Cinematic photos in the Creations tab of the app. Now, it’s adding yet another feature called Snippets.

This new addition was first spotted by a Reddit user named u/CraftSquid426 and later noted later detailed Android Police. According to them, this feature is currently available to only a handful of users and appears in the Creations tab.

I found a potential new mode – "snippets" – in google photos. Any idea what it could do? from googlephotos

This feature probably using machine learning like others, will automatically create short and shareable clips from exiting original videos on your phone. And these clips will be shown in the Google Photos home page’s carousel, which if liked can be saved and shared.

As of now, it only makes clips from long videos of pets and may try making on other subjects too. Also, the machine learning it’s using should be trained more, as it currently trims random parts of a video, instead of focusing on the most engaging part.

Anyway, Google is yet to make a special announcement of this feature, which we hope will happen when it’s fully ready for wide public release. Until then, you can make interactive video clips from exciting features like movies and collages with animations and cinematic features.


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