Fresh leaks of the upcoming Pixel Watch revealed its pricing – to be $349.99 for the standard variant with WiFi and Bluetooth support and $399.99 for the cellular variant.

This was tipped by a retail source to 9to5Google, who had previously quoted the price of the cellular Pixel Watch to be the same as above. Also, the source has shared the color variants it’ll be coming in – which align with the Pixel 7 series options.

Google Pixel Watch Leaks

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the Made by Google 2022 event – where Google unveils new hardware every year. While Google is confirmed to be announcing Pixel 7 and 7 Pro units, the community has been eagerly waiting for the Pixel Watch – a smartwatch from Google coming with an appropriate WearOS.

As we hope to see how it performs, a fresh leak from 9to5Google revealed its pricing and color options. Citing a retail source, the news outlet said the Pixel Watch regular WiFi and Bluetooth variant would come for $349.99, whereas the cellular variant comes for $399.99.

Further, the regular variant will come in three color options, viz Black with an “Obsidian” band, Silver with a “Chalk” band, and Gold with a “Hazel” watch band. And for the cellular variant, it comes in Black with an “Obsidian” band, Silver with a “Charcoal” band, and Gold with a “Hazel” band.

These options align with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro color variants. Well, since smartwatches, we expect Google to launch more colorful bands that can be purchased separately. It may introduce color-matched options like Milanese bands, link bracelets, leather bands, fabric straps, and stretch bands.

Other leaks regarding the watch include – it comes with short battery life and an older chipset, which may put Pixel Watch sales in a tough spot. And with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 priced cheaper than the leaked Pixel Watch, it’s going to be a hard time for Google to sell its offerings.


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