Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Google Play Services, the company is offering users a 10x boost on any play points purchase made during the auspicious day.

While this varies according to the country, Google is also revamping the Play logo to better suit its goal and services. It now has rounded edges and four distinct colors. All the Android devices where Play is on will soon see the change.

A Decade of Google Play

Whatever the app you want on your Android phone, Play Store is the only way recommended. Over the years, the Google Play Services have updated to serve billions of users and millions of app developers. Today, this important platform has turned 10 years.

Up until March 2012, we had the Android marketplace under the name of “Android Market”, which was then rebranded to “Google Play“. Now, it’s being used by over 2.5 billion people in 190 countries and 2 million app developers monthly.

Google Play is available on not just Android smartphones and tablets but also on Wear OS watches, Android and Google TV sets, Chromebooks, and Android Automotive cars too.

With this wide availability, it’s worth celebrating the anniversary. And Google is doing it grandly by offering 10x play points boost to anyone purchasing them today (anniversary date). Although, the offer starts based on the countries and can be checked under the “Earn” tab of Play Points Home.

You can also go through the profile icon > Play Points to check this offer – available for a day. Aside from this, Google is slightly modifying its Play logo to reflect the “magic of Google and matches the branding shared by many of our helpful products — Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, and more.”

The new logo has curved edges with four colors blue (#4285F4), red (#EA4335), yellow (#FBBC04), and green (#34A853), as you can see above. Though it is announced now, the change is yet to appear for many.


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