Google released a new update to the Google Play Services last week, bringing a couple of new features to better the Android systems running on them.

One of them includes an alert that’d notify users whenever there’s a password breach, asking them to change it for security. Also, the Google Wallet has been revamped to include better cues and make it easy for travel purchases with a list of open-loop transit agencies.

Google Play New Features

As per Google’s routine, the Play Store and Play Services received a new monthly update late last week, where a number of improvements are made to these platforms to enrich the experience.

Some of the significant improvements include UI polishing of Google Kids Space, adding some Wear OS-related features, and support for a new notification to intimating the affected users of their breached passwords.

So anyone using Google Play Services and letting Google save their account/site passwords online – will receive a notification if any of their passwords are compromised online, suggesting them to change it when auto-filling.

Aside from this, improvements were made to the Google Wallet, where new cues are added when you lock, unlock, or start your car using a digital car key. Further, commuters will also see the open-loop transit agencies in the list on trying to purchase their next transit pass in the app.

Also, there’s a new Android 13 consumer education experience added in the Play Services update, with no description of what it actually is. Aside from consumers, there are plenty of features for app developers to support security and account management-related services in their apps. Also, Google refined the Play Store to let you know more about the apps in an easier way.


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