The latest Transparency Report of Google revealed the company has processed over five billion takedown requests from several copyright holders over the years. Most of the takedown requests include removing pirate content links, which has risen gradually over the years and declined after Google took measures to hide them in its Search.

Google Took down Five Billion URLs

While Google’s search engine helped many get information better, it also helped the piracy makers publicize their infringing content better. Many have advertised their websites openly in Google’s Search engine, which helped them gaining millions of visitors monthly since it’s popular.

Though copyright holders file DMCA notices to Google to take them down, the number is so huge that it vanishes them all overnight. The latest Transparency Report from Google, which started in the early last decade, revealed the huge volumes of such takedown processing. Google this week has reached the milestone of processing the five billionth takedown request.

Talking about the trend, the number of URL takedown at one point had risen more than 600%, when the requests jumped from an average of 35,000 URLs per day to more than 210,000 links per day. Following the rise, Google’s search engine team has reached a point where they processed over a million links a day!

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While this continued to rise, the number of takedown requests had fallen significantly when Google introduced an anti-piracy policy that made pirate sites less visible in the search engine. Google took this step after being urged by millions of copyright holders and eventually made them happy after implantation.

So much so that the volume of takedown requests dropped significantly, with many of the popular sites never being seen again. Like the UK’s BPI (filed over 500 million requests) and Zee Entertainment (dropped from 3 million requests a week to below 30,000), popular copyright holders have become less active in filing the requests.


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