The latest Beta of Android 12 has seen Google ditching the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) – a calling service based on internet connection.

While the support page still shows Google allows WiFi-based SIP calls, it deprecated the SipManager class anyway. While the updated documentation later may reveal more about this stance, it’s clear that Google is dumping support for SIP after all.

SIP in Android 12 is Going Away

Times when the telecom providers are not offering free voice calls, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) rose to demand where several SIP providers offered free calls over an internet connection.

This service was used by many back then but was overlooked by new technologies like VoIP and others. Now, it’s clearly outdated, and most don’t even remember having such a service in their handsets.

In Android, for example, Google stopped updating the SIP service for so long and now seems to be dumping it altogether. As seen by XDA developers, the SIP option in the settings of the Google Phone app was removed in Android 12.

This service predominantly is used for signaling and setting up the IP communication previously. But now, with the rise of various alternatives, Google is thinking to ditch this service.

But when checked in Google’s support page, making SIP calls over Wi-Fi is still an option, but the developer documentation says the SipManager class was deprecated in API level 31. Also, the native SIP stack in Android is still available or has not been removed yet.

Thus, any SIP service from a supported provider can still work on it, until Google dumps it. While it may happen so in the future, it clearly indicates that Google is ready to ditch the SIP service altogether in Android 12.


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