Stirring users towards its new Google TV app, Google is removing the Movies and TV section from its Play Store on Android.

This move was announced in March this year, with Google implementing it now. The company said all of the users’ purchases, payment info, wishlists, play points, family sharing plans, etc will be transferred to the Google TV app, so users can feel native and at ease with this migration.

Migrating Android Users Towards Google TV

Instead of starting a new OTT platform like every other media giant, Google chose to revamp its existing Google Play Movies service, into something that’s fairly interesting even without any original content. In this pursuit, the company has come up with a dedicated app called Google TV, which houses all the content from various media channels.

Users are allowed to buy or rent TV shows or movies to watch when they desire and share them with family members even. All these services are sold even though the Play Store – which was now being dumped highlights the new Google TV app.

As announced in March this year, Google is removing the Movies and TV section from Play Store on Android and is directing users to try the Google TV app for the same. The new service will offer the same experience of browsing, searching, buying, or renting TV shows and movies from the Play Store app.

This new app was recently revamped to add a new “Highlights” news feed. Further, it imports all the users streaming data like their watchlist, refund history, Play Points, past purchases, family sharing, payments, etc to the Google TV app.

The old Play Store, meanwhile, will have only three major sections at the bottom – Games, Apps, and Books. Some might have the Offers or Play Pass as a fourth tab too. Though the removal of the Movies and TV section is seen in the Android Play Store app, this will soon be done on the other platforms too.


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