Making some specific searches relating to the emojis on iOS is showing null results in Google Search, mentioned as server errors!

Previously thought to be limited to specific domains, this error is prevailing in all the Google Search domains and clients – both web and mobile apps. While the exact root cause is yet to be known, some point at Emojipedia to be the reason.

Emoji Results Error in Google Search

As much as we rely on Google Search for our daily queries, the search engine is failing badly in looking for certain terms! As pointed out by many, searching for queries like “how many emojis on iOS” or “How many emojis on Apple” (no quotes) returns a server error after a long time out.

This issue was originally thought to be limited to a specific country domain, like the – as reported by YCombinator Hacker News user wfme. But it was later discovered to be affecting all the domains, including the major one – – after we checked.

Well, it’s not just the emoji search on iOS impacting the Google Search, but a range of other similar phrases too, as compiled by llui85;

  1. “how many emojis on ios”
  2. “how many emojis on apple”
  3. “how many emojis on windows”
  4. “how many emojis on lumia”
  5. “how many emojis lumia”
  6. “how many ios emoji” – working (albeit slowly)
  7. “how many emojis in ios”
  8. “how many emojis inside ios”

If you want to try, search for them without quotes or punctuation. Also, keep in mind that it may result in other unknown issues apart from search errors.

Searhcing "how many emojis on ios" is currently crashing Google search from programming

While the root cause for this issue is yet to be known, a Reddit user, gottago_gottago, points at as the reason, as searching for this domain name directly in Google crashes the search!

Well, we are waiting for Google to come up with a quick solution, as this issue is prevailing in both Google Search on the web and its Android app.


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