Observing that Samsung is losing its market share to Apple in the hardware space, Google is stepping up to fill in the gap and help its Android to thrive better.

In this pursuit, Google is reportedly shifting its resources from certain areas to aid the Pixel-related hardware and make them stand as a competitor to Apple. As for the areas seeing cutdown, these could be mostly non-Google-made services.

Google Focusing on Pixel Hardware

With the launch of the iPhone 14 series and a bunch of other related hardware, Apple is grabbing the electronics space slowly from other giants like Samsung. And with Samsung being the largest bearer of its Android, Google couldn’t withstand the losing position of its partner.

Thus, the company is reportedly shifting its resources to focus more on its Pixel-related hardware, so it can place itself in the competition, specifically against Apple! As reported by The Information, Google is set to move its resources from several internal projects to work better on Pixel hardware.

As for areas, we can see the changes; Google could cut staff working on Google TV and its voice-assisted search for cars and for devices not made by Google – and shift them to bettering Pixel phones, Pixel tablets, and even the Wear OS.

Google may slowly make this mix of Pixel-exclusive features and develop less for its partner devices. Well, the report stated that Google still considers Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi as the major brands, so it will surely work for them in the best means.

But for others, it’s a neglected partnership if they aren’t worthy enough to match its grace. Going has already cut jobs, slowed hiring, and shut down some of its interesting projects like in-house laptops and Google Stadia.

And with regulators scrutinizing the company’s deal with Apple for setting its Search as the default option in Safari, it’s sensible that Google wants to focus on something that fruitful.


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