Google’s Stadia has been the latest favorite for the gaming community, as it doesn’t require one to have extensive hardware like in PlayStation or Xbox. Though it’s praised for that, many have worried about the catalog of games it can have in the future. And Google today shines in that future by announcing the availability of PUBG and many other games in Stadia. The catalog announced today even have some EA games coming on its platform soon.

Impressive Catalogue

Google Stadia Now Let You Play PUBG, Without Download It
Google Stadia Now Let You Play PUBG, Without Download It

Google’s cloud-based gaming, Stadia, is a breakthrough. But, many have doubted how Google can compete in the current duopoly gaming market, where Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox are going neck-to-neck each other. Further, fans have worries about the quantitative gaming library Google can bring in. But now, vanishing all those speculations, Google announced a significant move of supporting PUBG in Stadia, along with other games.

After PUBG, other names like Octapath Traveler, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (yet to come) from Square Enix are announced. Further, Google’s enrolling EA games too on Stadia. It announced a few titles like Star Wars: The Fallen Order, FIFA, and Madden NFL, and we expect more titles to be coming soon.

Besides these, Google’s have First on Stadia class too, which includes new games like getting Packed, Crayta, and Ember.

Play For Free

Google’s maintaining two types of subscriptions for its users: Stadia Base and Stadia Pro. While the former one is a free version, but limited. And the latter one is, of course, better than the former one with access to many games and features.

PUBG and many other games are available for Stadia Pro. You can play PUBG for $29.99 or $39.99 with Season Pass, but you can try for free now. As Google announced the Stadia Pro to be open until May’s end, you can play PUBG for free, which includes a season pass and an exclusive Stadia skin!

Via: Verge


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