On the count of collecting location data from Android users through deceptive tactics, Google is now being sued by three US state attorneys general.

According to their filings, Google is using either confusing or invasive methods to collect location data from Android users, and putting innocent users in dark by not letting them know. A Google spokesperson has denied these allegations, citing the recent privacy changes they made for people.

Suing Google For Deceptive Tracking

Google and Facebook are long been accused of tracking user interactions in a number of ways. Yet, they find novel ways to process their works somehow. Google, in this case, was earlier accused by the attorney general of Arizona for collecting location data of Android users even though they said Google not to do so!

This drew a lawsuit against Google in 2020, and now alleging the company for tracking location data in intrusive ways. Based on that, four more state attorneys general (DC, Washington, Texas, and Indiana) are filing similar lawsuits against Google in their respective jurisdictions.

In their filings (1, 2), the attorney’s general stated that Google has been repeatedly nudging and using misleading pressure tactics, and evasive and deceptive descriptions for obtaining more information from people. Innocents are made to share their data “inadvertently or out of frustration,” alleged petitioners.

Responding to this, a Google spokesperson denied the allegations of state attorneys general and pointed towards their recent changes made to help people safeguard their privacy. This includes a feature to auto-delete the location history that’s collected over time. Further;

“The attorneys general are bringing a case based on inaccurate claims and outdated assertions about our settings. We have always built privacy features into our products and provided robust controls for location data.”


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