With the improvement found in testing and release processes, Google announced to roll out Chrome updates every four weeks, instead of six weeks as now. This change will be implemented from Q3 this year, and enterprises will get Extended Stable updates every eight weeks, and security updates having only the patches every two weeks.

Frequent Google Chrome Updates For All

Google to Roll Out Chrome Updates More Frequently

The Chrome browser is an important element of the Google ecosystem, processing billions of searches daily. Since there are billions of users onboard online using Chrome browser for their daily internet needs, the maker has to be equally dedicated to satisfying them all. In that pursuit, Google made an announcement yesterday.

After finding the testing and release processes to be more efficient, Google is planning to release the Chrome updates more frequently than now, starting with version 94 from Q3 of this year. This is the rollout of Chrome updates every four weeks than the current six weeks span so that users get to experience the new features and security patches earlier than actual.

While this is for individual users, enterprises get Extended Stable updates every eight weeks, and security updates every two weeks, which contain only the patches to aid security issues. Google isn’t leaving the ChromeOS behind either, as they’d be announcing the release of stable updates soon for ChromeOS.

Google has been launching Chrome updates every six weeks for over a decade, and reducing the gap could yield better results for the community, especially in these times where people are working from home much and cyberattacks are rising. Rolling out more productive features and security patches will elevate their work yield and protect them from cyberattacks.


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