Some Google Voice users are reporting a delayed experience of incoming text messages to their phone number – ranging between minutes to hours!

Though the issue is widespread, it’s only limited to text messages and MMS – but not calls. Yet, some users are aggrieved by this and crying for immediate help. Fortunately, Google acknowledged this issue and said it be working on it.

Unbearable Delay of SMS and MMS

If you’re a Google Voice user and experiencing a delayed SMS issue lately – you’re not alone. Many users are reporting this on several platforms – complaining that SMS and MMS are being received late by minutes, and sometimes hours!

This is absolutely a frustrating experience for this who chose the service – but be on hold – as Google is working on it already. A product expert confirmed on a forum thread last night, saying that the issue is probably stemming from a messaging provider that partially powers Google Voice’s SMS and MMS messaging.

Though they acknowledged and working on a fix, they haven’t mentioned any timeline for a full restoration. Users reported seeing a weird-looking “——=_Part_” error in incoming messages – seemingly related to a partial outage.

This often causes the message contents to be replaced entirely by a string of random characters, thus unable to be read. Well, one glad part is this issue affects only the SMS and MMS services, while calls are as usual. So you better be calling your friend directly – if he’s a Google Voice user – until a fix is available.

Though we see these kinds of issues happening with Google Voice often, this one’s even more widespread. Hopefully, Google is working on fixing this soon.


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