Google Voice is getting a visual revamp to let users know about incoming spam calls more clearly. This is a part of the app’s Caller ID feature and is rolling out to everyone gradually.

When enabled, the feature will detect and tag a suspicious call as ‘Suspected spam caller’ – letting you make a decision to accept or ignore. Well, if you think the labeled number isn’t suspicious, you can mark it otherwise and whitelist it.

Google Voice Suspected Spam Caller

Google prioritizing its native Phone app for all its Android devices doesn’t mean it’s ignoring other similar apps. Google Voice is a similar service that is available where the Phone app isn’t there and has all the other regular functions of a dialer app.

Well, now, the app is getting a revamped visual appearance and a few new features (via 9to5Google). One among them is a betterment of the Caller ID function to better detect and inform users about “Suspected Spam Caller“.

This function will only be seen after turning off the default spam filter in Google Voice and will display a “Suspected Spam Caller” label whenever an incoming number is detected as so. The same tag will also be displayed throughout the call history section – making it easier for you to spot those spam calls.

Well, if you think the tagged number is spam, you can always let the app know by marking it as good and whitelisting it for the future. This will prevent the calls from being sent to voicemail directly. We’re yet to see how effective this new layer could be in preventing spam calls.

Its counterpart – the Google Phone app, is already having it for quite a time and is working so well for certain numbers. Google Voice is getting it now, slowly rolling out to everyone where the app is available.


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